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50 Appealing Vintage Farmhouse Decorations Ideas

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Difference Between Antique and Vintage Home Decor

Many Americans don’t know the true difference between “antique” and “vintage” home accessories and decor. Whether it’s furniture, wall art or a random knick-knack, not all home accessories can be classified as an “antique,” even if it’s at an antique store, nor is everything vintage, or even retro, for that matter. Here’s the low down on the differences between “antique,” “vintage,” “retro,” or “collectible” home decor.

What is Antique, Anyway?

Any item that is a minimum of 100 years of age is considered an “antique.” This applies to furniture, clothing, home accessories, paintings, old farm equipment-you name it. If it’s at least 100 (but no, you great great aunt does not count,) then it’s an antique.

So, Then What is “Vintage,” “Retro” or even “Collectible” Mean?

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