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Amazing Villa De Madre Estate California

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Since this mesmerizing land is set to sell for only $12.9 million, this may not be an exaggeration; you may need to rush to get there. Nonetheless, it seems like it is worth the effort and pain.

The lavish 80-acre estate prior to you is located in Suisun Valley, California and has been finished sixteen decades back. Villa De Madre comes with a 63-acre vineyard dedicated to Cabernet grapes, a stunning 23,000 square-foot main home, in addition to a beautiful 1,900-square-foot four-bedroom guest cabin.

Can we mention as many as 100 cars could find their place? This may be an automobile collector’s dream! The buildings have been decorated with ’50s Main Street America attributes like decorative store facades and vintage signals, and there is a gasoline station, a workshop garage, and a completely functional diner. All you will need are a few Rock’n’Roll vinyl records, and you are all set.

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