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Best Modern Minimalist Living Room Ideas

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Your minimalist living room decoration ideas are depends on your taste and how extreme of a minimalist you want to be. It would only contain a few essential pieces of furniture; couch, another chair or love seat, a coffee table, a minimalist entertainment stand, TV and a couple of lamp. Flat surfaces are clear in minimalist home, except for one or two decoration. Add an accent decoration; have a simple vase with a few flowers rather than a coffee table.

Quality over quantity; a really nice table is better than 5 pieces of press-board furniture. Simplify your space by looking at the furniture, because the biggest things in any room are the furniture. If the item is truly essential; try to strip the room down to its essentials so you can always add a few choice items beyond the essentials later, ask yourself. Take a look at these 30 modern minimalist living room ideas to inspire you below.

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