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Cool Shelves Ideas For Your Home

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Creative Shelving Designs

When we think of wall treatments, we frequently concentrate on wallpaper, paint or architectural moldings instead of on shelves or bookcases, even when they are built-in. Shelves are seen as having more in common with extraneous wall hangings, for example art and mirrors, more than with walls. And yet, there is that rare shelving system which houses our publications and knickknacks in this unique manner that it manages to fully transform the room it is in. Listed below are 16 examples of shelves that whose scale or substance makes them completely cool options to the standard boxy bookcase plunked against a wallsocket.

Coming home to roost

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Unless you are an urban homesteader or a poultry farmer, then you might not realize what we are looking at this is a old chicken nesting box at which cows once laid their eggs. Instead of clucking birds, it currently houses country jars and pitchers.

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