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Stunning European Country Kitchen Decoration

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European kitchen design can range from traditional style to more modern kitchen design. The consistency of this theme tends more toward styles inspired by the midcentury modern design. As for the kitchen backsplash, this style often featuring a mix of dramatic angles and flowing curves. It is also reflected in the furniture, cabinets, accessories and even the color.

European kitchen is also feature materials like laminate, ceramics and molded plastics but it can benefit from the use of natural materials as granite countertops, sleek hardwood floors and aesthetically striking wooden furniture. In European kitchen, accessories and other small component can be an essential feature to update the look; cabinet doors can be replaced with frosted glass or a wood or laminate-style veneer. And to add visual interest and pops of color in your European kitchen design is with cooking accessories such as mixers, blenders and coffeemakers. Now take a look at these 38 stunning European country kitchen decoration to inspire you below.

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